Getting to Know Us

  • Sportserve, the primary employer brand of our group, was founded in Malta in the year 2016 and has been the cornerstone of our strategy for growth ever since. Over the last two decades, Malta has emerged as a popular hub for sports betting and iGaming technology, with exponential growth and a constant influx of talented experts and industry veterans. Our presence in the region further solidifies our commitment towards tapping into the thriving ecosystem of sports betting and gaming talent that Malta has to offer.

    Presently, at Sportserve, we boast a proficient team comprising tech-savvy professionals, adept digital marketers and empathetic customer service executives who are dedicated to offering top-notch Dafabet services to our esteemed audience worldwide.

  • Sportelligent is a portfolio of high performance systems offering pioneering AI technology and bespoke solutions to sports betting and gaming operators across international markets, with localisation factors as a core priority. Giving you a competitive edge in an ever increasingly demanding market.

    Our innovative and scalable products will help you increase your overall margins while decreasing your OPEX by introducing multiple layers of automation and AI.

    Our leadership team, who are at the forefront of the sports betting market in both the East and the West, have utilised their exceptional industry expertise to create highly effective and powerful solutions. These solutions combine the finest elements of Western and Asian approaches, resulting in a remarkable outcome.

  • TechSpirit, a sports betting tech company, began in 2020 in Sotogrande, Spain. Recently, we opened a second office in the energetic city of Leeds, UK, to better serve our expanding group of companies. We believe Spain and the UK are prime locations for finding skilled professionals with untapped potential who can excel in this field. With access to a diverse talent pool, from seasoned professionals to up-and-coming specialists, TechSpirit is well positioned to drive growth and development forward.

    Right now, TechSpirit has a highly skilled team of DevOps and Software Development experts dedicated to providing our global audience with unparalleled Dafabet experiences.

  • In 2020, Sportion was founded in Athens, Greece as our core global B2B service provider. Due to our continued growth and success, we have established new offices in Belgrade, Serbia and Yerevan, Armenia. Increasing our workforce to over 200 talented individuals across all of our locations.

    We work with our partners to design, build and scale solutions, with a specific focus on time-to-market and product quality, whilst being performance-driven in delivering bespoke and tailor-made approaches to best suit the requirements of our clients.

  • Standard Focus was established in Kenya back in 2017, functioning as the customer service branch for our worldwide operations. Our use of cutting-edge technologies and extensive industry know-how enables us to provide top-notch customer satisfaction. Our devotion to innovation pushes us to persistently enhance our services, utilising data-driven approaches to refine customer interactions.

    With outstanding progress on the continent, Standard Focus Kenya has emerged as a successful technology hub and a commendable customer service centre. The growth has been so significant that new offices have been established in Ghana and Angola to keep fostering continued expansion and innovation.

  • Sliema, Malta

  • Sotogrande, Spain

  • Gibraltar

  • Athens, Greece

  • Yerevan & Vanadzor, Armenia

  • Belgrade, Serbia

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

  • Accra, Ghana

  • Luanda, Angola

  • Nairobi, Kenya

The Sportserve Journey

  • 2002

  • WOFOCAI consumer brand launched - DB

  • 2007

  • Asian Poker Tour launched

  • 2009

  • Dafabet Launched in the UK & office opened in Gibraltar

  • 2015

  • Opened Regional Hub in Malta

  • 2017

  • The Group Expanded in LATAM

  • 2020

  • Office opened in Angola

  • 2022

  • Sportserve officially launched as the leading global employer brand for the group of companies. The UK office opened in Leeds

  • AsianLogic founded

  • 2004

  • Publicly Listed & Mega Sportsworld launched

  • 2008

  • Dafabet Launched

  • 2012

  • Nextbet Launched

  • 2016

  • Office opened in Kenya

  • 2019

  • Offices opened in Spain, Serbia, Armenia, Greece & Ghana

  • 2021

  • Our global hiring initiative launched, offering hybrid & remote-working models

  • 2023